Terrie Wehrly

 Awesome, thank you so much! 

Gretchen Williams


Thank you, so much, for the wonderful Box of Goodness!!!  I had 6 ears of corn, a "mess" of collards, 3 zucchini, 5-6 bell peppers, a bunch of banana peppers, 2 heads of bok choy, 1 pint of okra, 3 tomatoes and 5 apples!  Wow!  I really appreciate it!

Thanks, again, 

Gretchen Williams

Betsy Gerwig

Betsy Gerwig sent her friend Josh Thomsen to pick up her produce while she worked Farm City Day.  Helping Josh with the Box of Goodness is Big Brothers Big Sisters' 'littles' Mary and Andre.  

Shirl Hastings

Our last winner for 2018.


Nancy Herring

She's a winner!

A Box of Goodness. It most certainly has lived up to its name. Thank you so much. I can see spring rolls in the forecast , what a cute cabbage, and plants too!! So much in one box and at least three meals with everything to make them. I'm tickled, thrilled, and want to thank all concerned for such happiness. I'm spreading the word. 

Thank you so much,

Nancy Herring

Judy and Richard Dick

Judy and I are already enjoying the fruits of the "Box of Goodness."  We can't begin to say thanks enough to all the vendors who contributed to our windfall.  Please express our thanks.

Judy and Rich

Hendersonville Rescue Mission

When Evelyn Sanborn got the news that she won the Box of Goodness, she called the Hendersonville Rescue Mission to donate the produce and poultry to those in need.  Mission accomplished. "I hope folks appreciate the good food that you all grow and that they can utilize it in their menu!   It is fun to win but it is also fun to give forward!!!!  Thank you very much!"  

Evelyn Sanborn  

Susan Norton

Susan welcomed fresh produce and flowers in mid-August.

Bill Meyers

Bill Meyers welcomed family from Virginia as they celebrated their reunion with the Box of Goodness in mid-August.

Sandy Levy

Thank you so much for our Beautiful Bounty! We love the Henderson County Tailgate Market! Feeling Bl

 Thank you so much for our Beautiful Bounty!  We love the Henderson County Tailgate Market!!  Feeling Blessed to be a part of the Hendersonville 

Community. We retired here over a year ago to this fabulous area and are loving every moment. Thank you all!